The Constellation

In setting up the family a person makes visible his/her 'internal perception' of the current family/partnership or the family of origin. To do this the person chooses members of the group to represent each member of the family and positions them in relation to one another.


In the energy field of the constellation the persons representing the family members (representatives) start to feel physically and emotionally like the persons they represent without actually knowing about them. By doing so, unconscious entanglements with unknown or excluded relatives - sometimes spanning several generations - come to light. Systemic entanglements may generate unhappy relationships, difficult fateful occurrences, accidents, illness or even a willingness to die. It may also turn out that a descendant of a family system unknowingly carries someone else's guilt in order to atone for former injustice. Or he/she may unconsciously identify with an excluded member of the family and thus suffer the same pain of being shut out like the original person did.


If the constellation reveals systemic entanglements the respectful re-positioning of the representatives in the constellation will provide a visible solution. That means that each member of the family has the same right to belong, is returned to his/her rightful position in the family and is given the full respect he/she deserves.
Quite frequently the person who has set up the family spontaneously experiences great relief and, by re-internalizing the visible solution, receives lasting positive and healing benefits. It is an amazing effect familiar to those working with family constellations that even those relatives who have not been present during the constellation often have a sense of relief too.


By setting up the family one discovers a part of oneself which is otherwise difficult or almost impossible to access. Finding a good solution within the protective group atmosphere goes far beyond therapy. Giving an insight into the deepest part of our souls the constellations reveal that we all are anchored in our system. By the forces of balance, love and bonding we are inducted into the service of something greater that contributes enormously to our individual journey through life. A profound understanding of what it means to be human, a kindness towards oneself and others, a humility in the face of fate and a sense of being complete are the most common effects.



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